For the Patient’s Family and Friends

You have probably seen some of the problems that your loved one is experiencing in his or her opioid addiction battle and you want to be helpful and supportive during their treatment and recovery period. Many of the things that you can do are common to supporting any drug addiction patient, but with opioids, you will need to understand that Suboxone treatments have a few unique characteristics.


First, learn all you can about Suboxone, using the information on this website as well as the CDC website.


Secondly, be sure to be involved with your loved one as much as possible during the course of treatment and thereafter. Encourage them so they follow their physician’s instructions, go to all their appointments, and have a positive attitude about their treatment and their ability to realize their goal.


Thirdly, be prepared to be patient. Opioid addiction treatment will require both time and patience for both you and your loved one. There may be highs and lows in the process, and your loved one will need your stability, positive attitude, and any assistance you can give to them. A positive attitude can be catching! Be sure to remind them of their goal and how much improved their life will be once they win.



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